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Liberty Triathlon

I think this is my eighth or ninth year, so I've been doing them a while. My mom and dad roped me in. :-) I was a swimmer for 10 years, and they said swimming's the hardest part for most people so I was like sure, I'll give it a try. Been doing them ever since. My first one was just a sprint; it wasn't anything major. It was a super small town one up at our cabin. It was a really good experience. Everybody was cheering you on whether they knew you or not, and it was great just to get that feeling the whole entire race. (Why do you love it?) I don't know... that's the thing! lol I can't pin point what it is! I think it's just the feeling of actually having a routine to your day and knowing that you have to get this amount of time in, and then crossing that finish line feels really good too. ..I'm training for Ironman Wisconsin actually this year, and trying to fit it in with work and school is a little tricky. I actually just graduated in May and have one summer class left, and I'm done for good! I work part time because this is the last summer before I start my real job. I just want to enjoy it, have fun, and train... So it's been good. (Mom & Dad still race?) Yes :-) They are doing the Half (Ironman) right now; I'm waiting for them to come in.

(*Note: Marissa is a seasoned triathlete at only 22-years-old)