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Emily & Nikki

Gear West Duathlon

(Train together?) Sometimes - We both have kids and different work schedules.

(Emily (L) Nikki (R) ..Train together?) Sometimes - We both have kids and different work schedules.

Emily: We're neighbors. :-) This is my first duathlon, and I've done a few tri's. For me it's having a new neighbor (Nikki) doing these awesome triathlons, and I thought that's looks cool. So she convinced me to sign up for one last year, and I just kept on going. It's been an awesome addition to my life. Fun people, and my body actually felt better when I was doing triathlon and doing three different sports, especially adding the swimming in - It was more interesting and better than just exercising for exercise's sake. More balance. (Background?) Just some high school sports and a little bit of college track - sprinting. 

Nikki:  Let's see, about 12, 13, 14 years ago, I decided I wanted to do adventure racing, which at the time wasn't like it is now. I had been running marathons, and I needed to do something different, so I signed up for my first Ironman. ...Well, I did some coming up to it, but I signed up for an Ironman without ever having done a tri. It was good - I was in the best tri shape of my life. I mean I've been "tri-ing" now since then, so since 2004. I was in the best tri shape of my life, but I didn't finish. It was a year that was really really cold and windy, and I just froze out on the bike. I quit at mile 84, but after that, I knew, well I can't quit things. So I came back and finally finished a couple Ironmans. I'm a slow and steady - My main thing is to finish with a smile on my face and get people into the sport, make sure people know that it's accessible to anybody. I'm really good at getting people into the YWCA women's tri because it's just a bunch of women having fun. It's just really supportive, and it's a good one to start off with. Like this one, I'll be honest, is probably a little bit more intimidating. Usually I'm not in the bottom quartile anymore when I finish, but I will be today - but that's ok! :-) It's all about supporting each other and getting people into the sport. I like to call my swim, um, I walk swim. I mean, I'm usually the last person out of the water, but I can swim 2.4 miles. That in itself is amazing. Don't give up on yourself and don't think you have to be an uber athlete to do triathlon, because you don't.