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Liberty Triathlon

I did a few triathlons when I was in my 20's. I played tennis my whole life, and I got bored with my tennis, so I did a couple of triathlons, and then I didn't do them again until I was 43. Just got bored playing tennis and decided to do something different. :-)  (Today's Liberty Triathlon?) Good! I haven't done an Olympic, in a while - I've done Ironman the last couple of summers, so I've been doing all long course. I had to remind myself to go a little faster, because I wasn't going to be riding my bike 112 miles, it went good! Hot. (Olympic distance) It hurts differently. You have to remind yourself more - can I go harder, can I go harder. I think you feel a little more gassed, but in a different way. I love triathlon because... Well I met my husband biking, and he unfortunately passed away; I met my boyfriend now biking, and I really enjoy all three sports. I think it keeps you less apt to get injured, keeps you doing something kind of different every day, and being outdoors. (Next race?) Waconia, which is two weeks from tomorrow. (Tri blooper?) When I was younger, in my forties :-), I do remember putting my helmet on backwards, and they got it on camera. I was so embarrassed because I realized it before I got out, but other than that, no. Fortunately, I don't have anything too crazy that happened.