Yearbook Archive

Erin, Joe, & Emma

Gear West Duathlon

(L to R: Erin, Joe, Emma. So you have all done Ironman! How many?)

Erin:  I've done 7 Ironmans. Yes. :-) We all have another one again this year. I got into, a friend invited me to do my first triathlon, and then he bailed. I was broke and had already paid the money, so I decided to continue to do it. My takeaway was - I didn't die in the swim, and biking and running were ok, and so, we might as well try it again. With success, it spurs more success, and then you fall in love with the sport. You get hooked. :-)

Emma: I got started because I was a gymnast for a long time, got a lot of concussions, then needed some outlet for my competitive energy. So my dad got me into triathlon. (Dad tri's?) He does! He's not doing this one because he hurt his knee, but yeah, usually he would be here with us. 

Joe: So I ... met her. :-)  (Emma - we're married) A week before I actually met her I was about 40 lbs overweight. So, I decided to start running. Then I met her, and she said well if you want to hang out, you gotta come running with me. Running led to biking, led to swimming, led to doing races. Like Erin, you start doing a couple, you start succeeding more and more, and it gets more and more addicting. The rest is history.  


Emma: Just do it. Just show up and do it. You'll meet people through the sport, and then you'll be able to train and succeed - get hooked. :-)

Joe: Practice.Open.Water.Swimming.

Erin: Have fun and make sure that you're smart about racing, smart about practicing, smart about training, and you'll have a good time.