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Gear West Duathlon

I got into racing a year ago in January - I ran Disney Marathon. That was my first ever race, a marathon. Actually, it was my sister's idea. My sister was like, hey, I'm gonna go do this marathon, and I'm like, sign me up! I just decided to do it. Then I did three marathons last year and raced tri. My first one was Trinona in June. that was a sprint. Then I did another sprint on the 4th of July, and a couple of other ones. I won my age group in a couple of them. Then I did Superior Man up in Duluth, half iron. It's awesome; it's so cool! I got into it, turned out I was relatively decent at it, and I got hooked right away. It's way too much fun. (Track or running background?) No. I was a hockey player and a football player, so this is all new to me. I was better at the bike than everything and when you're good at the bike, it's like, that's half the battle usually. The running side of it was "eh," swimming I was horrible. Actually, I went in to Tri Fitness in White Bear Lake and got a swim coach. Then I also met my now triathlon coach, who kicks my butt on a daily basis. Her name's Vicki Ostendorf. ...Today's race was good. I took 5th overall, I think, or something along those lines. The first run, I didn't have my watch on me because it was dead, so I paced it off the field, and then the bike went really well. I held my wattage that I wanted to and just tried to hold off the guys at the end that were coming up behind me, and I was able to do it. :-) I enjoy it! There's no way I could have won, I mean Matt Payne's out here and guys that are nationally renowned duathletes and triathletes. Yeah, there's some amazing competitors here. (Day Job?) I'm a 5th year in the chemistry department at the University of Minnesota. I do research, and I have a year and a half left on my Ph.D. I'd love to work for a company like 3M. (Chemistry background help training?) Absolutely. You understand metabolic processes a lot better. You understand the importance of doing different things like, recovery things in particular - what not to do, what to do, rolling is important, and things like that, so you stay healthy. (Advice?) Absolutely do it. Sign up right away. My best advice for anybody - don't be afraid of the swim. If you're worried about anything, find a support group. I know Gear West does things for beginners. I know Tri Fitness in White Bear Lake, they actually put on a race that's called My First Tri ( It's fantastic. It's really well supported, tons of people out there to help you. The last thing would be - just do it hard, I mean, the dumbest things you can do is really blow up on a hill or give it all out on the way down.. But. Do it all. Then just have fun with it! Don't worry about what you're going to do in your first race, just enjoy it. That's really what I did in my first one.