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Oakdale Duathlon

I'm from New Zealand. My wife, she's from Plymouth - we're coming up on our 10 year wedding anniversary this week. We have a 4-year-old and 2-year-old. She doesn't race, so I do all the workouts for the family. :-) I did cycling in high school. I never did any running or anything like that. I quit doing everything. My wife and I were flying back and forth a couple times when we could between the countries. When she was in New Zealand, we got married. Then we came here - That's when eating the American fast food, I thought I was getting too fat, so I bought a bike again and started riding. Like my fifth bike ride, I was out in Maple Grove, riding out of town and saw these people biking. There was an event going on. I thought, well what's going on? I went home and saw it was a triathlon. I thought, I can bike that quick. That's 5 years ago. Starting out, I couldn't swim at all, I couldn't even swim 25 yards in the pool. I just got on YouTube, watched Michael Phelps (*laughs), and went from there. It's kind of an addiction, you know, you get done with one and just want to keep doing them. I always do the sprint. I've only ever done 1 olympic. I like to get done and get on with the rest of the weekend.