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Oakdale Duathlon

I'm 28. ;-)

My family got me to try back in 1990 ("when I was '8' - I was doing good!"). Yeah, I started tri, then took 20 years off to raise a family and now getting back into it the last 5 years. When my youngest graduated I was just thinking, OK, I better get back to what I like to do. So I start up - start running and swimming. I found David. We did a tri together, found out we're neighbors! It's easy for us, so we started doing them together - It's been great! Yes, I did an Ironman too, Ironman Wisconisn. That year, it was brutal. It was windy and choppy. But that's ok - I lived! ...I lived to tell.. ;-) It was great! 13.5 hours - I didn't puke, I didn't do anything bad, I survived! On my schedule, I have 6 or 7 triathlons in the next few months. My next race is Apple Duathlon! (Game face and fist pump)