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Cinco Du Mayo 

I started racing because my mom and step dad did, and I was like, if they can do it, I can. Then I did my first one about five years ago, and it was immediately addicting! The camaraderie of other racers is totally different than the running race. It's so positive - everyone here is always here to support and help each other. When you're on the bike course, people will pass you and say Good Job. It's really fun to be around other people and also set goals for yourself. (Running) Yeah, I would do some shorter races, but then I got into biking, and it turns out that's my strength - I didn't know until I tried my first tri, and I was like..oh... I'm pretty good at the bike part! :-) I think I've done this race the last five years. I love doing the short, because you can just go as hard and fast as you can through the whole thing and just see what happens. It's one of my favorite ones. Pretty good tacos too. ;-)