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Cinco Du Mayo 

I played soccer, and I got too old to play that. I needed something to get fit - I was getting a little bit chubby. A friend of mine recommended I go watch a triathlon in St. Cloud, and I watched that one year and thought oh, I think I can do that. So the following year I did that race. That was two years ago. I bought a cheap bike, and just thought, see if I can do it, do it for a year, see how I like it, if I like it. I used to be a runner when I was a kid. You know, getting running speed back is quite hard when you're over 50. It's coming back slowly. It's enjoyable; It's not as hard on the body. The main thing is, I like exercise, but unlike soccer - soccer makes your body hurt - this doesn't hurt. I've raced and now I feel absolutely fine. (Longest Tri?) 70.3 - Racine and HITS Waconia, last year. I'm doing three 70.3's this summer. I actually like the distance, because I'm not exactly a fast swimmer. I don't lose as much on the swim, because I can make it up on the bike; and obviously, you're not right at your maximum heart rate like I'm in a sprint.


*Note: Rob finished 2nd in the short course.