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Jean & Vanessa

Cinco Du Mayo 

Vanessa (right)Yes, this is my first race, and it was my friend, Jean, who motivated me to sign up. She's a speed demon. I love exercise, getting out, being with people you love, and being around a bunch of positive energy. I do have running background, but this is my first duathlon, and I just bought a bike a little over a week ago, so I had about a week to train on that. (On duathlon) It's interesting! We get to break it up a little bit, challenge different parts of your legs. (Last race?) No!  :-)

Jean (left)I love the diversity of the people. I love the challenges of different courses. I love not doing the same thing for an entire race. You get to run, bike, run, so every time if feels like you're starting fresh. I've been doing it for about 15 years, and I can't think about not doing it. Yep, I do tri's. I'm travelling a lot for work and just haven't looked at my list of races yet, but the next one will be coming soon, because I want to do better than this one. :-) (Training with work travel) You know, when I travel, I try to find places that I can run. I go to the same place, so I come up with my paths, then bike when I get home, split it up that way.