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My name is Julie, and welcome to my inaugural blog post! 

Triathlon. What an amazing sport encompassed by amazing people! I tip my hat to all of you - whether you've completed multiple Ironmans or just finished your first sprint. If you've never done one and are considering it, you'll find it's a pretty welcoming group! The goal of this blog is to promote the sport and more specifically, promote the people who make it what it is. The Yearbook section features competitors and people involved from around the Twin Cities area (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN), telling mini stories, giving race accounts, or simply random thoughts. :-) StephanieVanessaJeanZachMitchell, and Rob were great sports and so fun to meet! I suspect they will be joined on the blog with many more examples of the positive, fun people you'll find here. In addition to the Yearbook, you'll find videos from the races, as well as longer featured stories. If you or someone you know has a story you would like to share - please contact me at

This blog is not about me - It's about you.

...But this next section is about me. ;-)


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